Friday, April 10, 2009

Today - I'm back but boring, boring, boring.

I am going to post some River trip pics and was going to add this at the bottom, but once I started writing, I realized I had (as usual) more to say and the other post will be long enough.

So here goes...This is what I wore today. It's so embarrassingly identical to last Friday, I didn't even bother with a picture.
Wearing Today-04/10/09
Wearing Today-04/10/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew cardigans

Sure, I swapped a navy tank for tee and Target pearls for Silpada pearls. Oooooh, green bag instead of white. I know, I know. I was cracking up today when I read Posey Ford's blog, where she had 2 totally fab outfits and one of the commenters referred to other bloggers being "in a rut". Clearly that was me today, and often. I guess I like what I like. But honestly, today I was being lazy. And, seriously, it was this or a sweatshirt because I am still kinda wiped from yesterday, so I guess I chose the better option. Should have opted for different jewelry or different shoes. I did put on the magenta Pumas for the afternoon walk. They worked quite well.

But truthfully, even though it can seem boring, and doesn't photograph as well as a lot of color, I really do love my neutrals - navy, gray, tan. And I get as many compliments (if not occasionally more) when I wear them, compared to bright colors. I think the key is making sure I don't wear just them 100% of the time, add pops of color more often (thinking I need some more colorful shoes), and try some better underlayers. I wear camis, tanks, and tees so often, I need to add some more colorful options. So question... what colors do you like with putty? Other than tea rose. I love tea rose, and I like how it looks on me, but I have had many years' experience of liking that color, buying it, and then never actually wearing it. So I just don't start out by buying it. I was looking at the boyfriend vneck tee in tropical aqua today at JC but I'm not sure that is my color (and the kids were with me, so it was a bit of an ADD-type trip). So wish there was a better blue - like Pacific Blue. Or a yellow. Or a (rich) orange. Maybe I should look at the boyfriend crewneck.

Climbing a wee bit out of my rut... I did get the cotton cashmere bouquet cardi in putty today, so I have another tan cardi. And I got the short sleeve broadcloth shirt in lavender sweet lavender. Both of which go completely against the Lenten shopping ban, and it's eeeeek, Good Friday, so possibly the worst day to break Lent. I think I may need to extend the ban. Since the JCA outing, it's been too easy to imagine breaking it, so I need to refocus.

I am going to salvage this post the only way I know how... here's a pic of Lucy from the River. I love this because you can see my legs and feet beneath her (yes, I wore the boots the *entire* time). Her favorite place to sit is on my lap. 99% of the time, if I sit down in the vicinity and she's not asleep, she comes over to climb in my lap. So I got the closeup because she was sitting right there on my lap.

Thoughts, suggestions, scoldings?


dinagideon said... should know you will not see any in real life pics of me from either today or yesterday for a reason. :) Vacations are great but are SOOOOOO tiring.

I went ahead and bought the library shawl cardigan in putty. When I receive it, I will have a better idea of what colors will make the putty pop. My personal, gut feeling is that I will wear it with that citron color, aquas, that roasted pepper color, and maybe even some greens. And tea rose, of course. ;)

Great pic of your dog, btw.

About the Lenten ban...make up for it by extending the ban into next week a bit...that may make you feel better!!!

I hope you have a nice weekend...I am sure we will both be back in our groove before too long!

Patina Cabachon said...

Welcome back!!!! Don't vacations need to be followed by a "rest-cation" I still love my library shawl cardigan and will be wearing it this weekend...again. lol. Like you, I love neutrals and find myself in a rut to break out of the habit. Initially, I picked up the corsage tee in white, but on second thought put it down and grabbed the lavender to add some spunk to my drab wardrobe. My shopping ban went out the door with the Mickey card. I too, need to refocus.UGH!!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought fidele was kind of snotty to say that. Now all the bloggers will think it was directed at them. I doubt it was directed at you, but only fidele can say.

So..... I'll take this opportunity to thank you and the other bloggers for taking the time out of their days to entertain us. Between taking all the pics, uploading them, writing commentary, etc.... that's got to take plenty of time and energy. MOST of us are highly appreciative. So thank you.

GingerSnap said...

I don't think you're in a rut. Often people think they are in ruts just because they have a personal sense of style (mostly a classic style) which encompasses the most basic and classic elements of a wardrobe. I think you should consider your style "classic" instead of in a rut...from what I can tell, you have great personal style!

Posey Ford said...

OMG! GingerSnap really stole the words out of my mouth. And she said it so well!!

I agree that it's the individual that *thinks* they are in the rut, but actually it's just what makes up their sense of style. And mix it with a little paranoia that comes with blogging. Anyway, I don't think you're in a rut. ;)

Posey Ford said...

And on another note, I'm with you in terms of the Lenten ban. I've not been honoring it like I should. The spending was definitely halted from previous levels of spending, but I still bought things I *seriously thought* I needed. I may take Dina's advice and take an extra week or 4 to make up for my indiscretions.

Joyce said...

I love the Lucy pictures! The Library Shawl cardigan goes with everything! I love when I purchase something that I absolutely love. I think if you examine your intention behind your purchases and truly will wear(and love) what you bought then you will be okay. If you are picking up things and have no attachment to them, then it's a problem.

Cari (isnotfashion) said...

I love the cardy (I have it also!) and those flats. Just because it is simple doesn't mean it's rutty.

HeidiG said...

Dina - thanks, let me know what you think color-wise. I still look at khaki and like it best with white. And I think I will extend for a week - probably best for me.

PC - let's refocus together! Can't wait to see pics of the lavender corsage. From Gigi's and Ema's blogs, it looks so pretty! I didn't have a chance to try it on since I was with the kiddies.

Anon@7:46 - thank you very much for your kind words, I appreciate it. But truly, I was being a little flip when I referred to Posey Ford's commenter. I didn't put any effort at all into today - and realizes that maybe I could have done a little more as I was posting. But hey, at least I showered! :) Thanks for visiting and again, I appreciate the sentiment!

GingerSnap - thank you. I have done some consideration since posting and realize how comfortable I really am with my classic style. I was even at Target looking at some brighter tanks, and nothing really grabbed me (waiting for Dina's comprehensive list...)

HeidiG said...

PoseyFord - you are totally right about some of the paranoia that comes from blogging. plus realizing that sometimes what I think looks great in person can seem a little boring in the IRL pics. thank you very much. on the Lenten note - yeah, totally messed up today and some slippage tonight again at Target, but ready for a fresh start tomorrow. And thinking I will continue for the next week so that I can refocus a bit. I was getting a bit too ready to go out after Sunday. I did successfully resist the call of the KitKat bar at checkout, though.

Joyce - you are so right about the attachment. and I have been really trying to examine my purchases to make sure they are the right ones for me - thus the returns/exchanges/adjustments from our JCA outing. and the Library cardi is definitely like wearing a big hug, you know?

Cari - thank you very much! not feeling so rutty right now.