Saturday, April 11, 2009

Summer Sandal Fun at Target, plus a Bubbly

So last night I was at Target finally getting around to getting Easter basket stuff. (Well, at least it wasn't Saturday night.) Of course, I strolled over to the Miss Trish of Capri display, eagerly anticipating lots of cuteness...only to be, once again, totally disappointed. I don't know why I always get so excited about the Target special diffusion lines. Out of all of them I have only ever purchased a Patrick Robinson hat (so fabulous, so great in the sun) and the, um, Erickson Beamon Long Clear Bubble Bead Necklace that I got last night, which Dina had blogged about a while back. My closest Target at Milestone finally had it last night, so I figured it was a sign, and got it. I did agonize over the decision for quite a while, but in the end decided it was a go, since it's a limited item. I like the fact that it's balls, unlike some of my longer necklaces with set stones (I'm talking about you, J Crew Twisted Crystal, much as I love you) that snag on sweaters. Plus I can see rocking that necklace all summer long with a tee - it's actually quite lightweight, so it gives you a lot of visual impact without hot heaviness in the summer. And since I'm 5'10", the long necklace totally works. I need to go back to Dina's blog and check out all the necklaces she's layered it with.

And back to the shoe conversation...I will say that some of the designs were very cute. But the comfort factor is what killed it for me. Primarily because right before I went over there, I had tried on the Merona Eleora Flat Sandal ($17.99). At my Target, they were on an endcap, not in the regular racks. Online, there are 9 colors. I got the blue patent pair. Interestingly enough, even though these were thong sandals just like the Miss Trish ones, they were so so so much more comfortable. So, Merona killed Miss Trish for me. I'm trying to remember which colors they had in store - I know they at least had the blue, the green patent, the black patent, and the white patent (which are nice because so many white shoes have white insoles, so they get so grossly dirty and these are tan). I will say that the tortoise patent ones interest me a lot. I may end up ordering them online at some point.

Fit-wise, again - way comfy. They were true to size; I took a 9. The strap was loose enough that I could slide it over my heel - which is one of my rules for sandals because I hate to have to unbuckle and re-buckle because, yes, I am lazy. However the straps definitely held the shoe on my feet without slipping or being tight. Also, the piece in between the toes was actually comfortable. This was the biggest difference between these and the Miss Trish ones - those felt like they were cutting into skin. In spite of the man-made factor, they didn't "squeak" or "squelch" against my skin. I think they will be a great summer shoe, and work with lots. I loved them with just my jeans last night.

Here are some IRL pics.

I think the blue patent is actually a little darker than what's depicted on the Target website. The green was fairly accurately depicted online.

What do you think? What summer sandals have you found or are coveting right now?


Cate said...

I love those! Is the foot bed rock hard or does it have a little give? ON had a pair i tried on last week but were ridiculously uncomfortable.

KatyO. said...

What color is your nail polish?!?! I *must* know! (and the shoes are v. cute--go Target!)

gigiofca said...

Ooh, those look good on you. Me likey. I didn't think they'd look good on me, so I didn't try them on.

I LOVE these sandals from Target. I wore them in the house when I got them because it was raining. That's how much I love them.

And these nude sandals from F21 are great:

I try to wear all-leather, less cute sandals when I have to walk a lot.

HeidiG said...

Cate - I think it does have some give. And that was the other reason I didn't love the Miss Trish - they had zero give. I have not always had good luck with ON shoes, either. But my Isaac Mizrahi Liz sandals from last summer were fantastic - so comfortable, I would actually wear them for major walking. Hoping these work as well.

KatyO - The polish is OPI's Light My Sapphire from Summer 2007. I have actually decided that much as I love Chanel's Blue Satin because it's, well, Chanel, I like the OPI navy because it's a little less bright. Plus I am such a fan of OPI's wide brush. And the staying power is better than Chanel, I think. And yes, go Target! :)

Gigi - I like both of those. I will have to check them out, definitely! Are the F21 comfortable? Something about the pic makes them look kinda hard (?), but I love the color. Can't remember what size shoe you wear, but I think part of the reason these work on my foot is that I wear size 9, so they don't overwhelm my foot.

AppGal said...

Ooh! I really like those! I wish I could wear shoes from Target. I've learned the hard way that my feet are too messed up to be able wear shoes from Target. I bought 2 pairs of sandals there last year and have had to get rid of them because they hurt too much. Darn those flat feet!

Remember those Indigo by Clarks Zambia sandals I blogged about a while back? Well, I tried them on today while I was in a store that carried them and OH MY! They are super adorable and WILL be mine...hopefully soon! So those are the sandals I have my eye on :) Definitely more $$ than a Target sandal, but I know that they are good for my feet :)

HeidiG said...

AppGal - Ooooh, hope they will be yours and can't wait to see IRL pics. They look so cute! And that heel looks totally manageable, too. I have had very good luck with Target sandals. Their sandals actually do better on my feet than their flats. Weird, huh?

GingerSnap said...

I too have a hard time with Target stuff...I get lured in there only to be too often disappointed by the product. I think most of the time the ads and the website make it look cuter than it really is...and sometimes I just stumble across something and fall in love! I can never figure it out...damn you french love/hate relationship!

dinagideon said...

Hey, Heidi: I got the Miss Trish shoes...I was a sucker for the starfish and the turtle. I will probably do a review for anyone on the fence next week.

I hear ya though on the vast majority of special target lines, ESPECIALLY the ones geared towards younger adults. I feel like people are being lured in by the line name and getting in return a faulty product. (Fortunately the stuff is inexpensive...)

Merona Collection is AWESOME, though. Very pleased with the items I have bought!

I also LOVED the Isaac Mizrahi line but of course he went and jumped ship for Liz Claiborne (sadness).

I am glad you bought the ball necklace. You will wear it a lot. It really is a nice layering piece. I also went ahead and got the earrings that match it (though I will never wear them together...yikes).

Have a great night. Speaking of earrings, did you receive the hoop? My dad says he mailed it! :)

HeidiG said...

GingerSnap - You are so right - getting lured in - but then something just jumps right at you and it's love... so frustrating!!

Dina - So excited for you that you got the Miss Trish and they work for you because they are cute! I was imagining all my MD Terps friends here going nuts over the turtles. I really would have been more excited about it but these sandals were soooo comfy on me, and the Miss Trish just weren't.

You're so right about the young adult lines. It's so sad, I always get my hopes up and pffft! Those 3/5/7/9/11/13 lines just don't do it on my child-borne midsection. I do love the new Merona line and I do miss Isaac - especially his shoes.

I actually sent you an email earlier today - I never got the earring in the mail. Do you by any chance know when your dad mailed it? I would love it, but if the USPO loses it, that's life, I suppose. Did want to get your info, though.

gigiofca said...

I love the F21 sandals. I'm wearing them around the house right now. I haven't worn them outdoors. I would never wear these for long periods of time. I just can't power walk in stuff like this. They're fun for a couple hours and defnitely not to the mall unless it's for a quick stop.